It’s been a minute….

Last time I tried to use this I wasn’t able to… I think I likely just needed to update my software.  It’s been so long since I’ve written I obviously forgot how. But this is therapy and right now, therapy is what I need, on the cheap.  On November 30th, my sweet Lilybear left this earth for the Rainbow Bridge.  She was 10.5 years old and had lost her battle with osteosarcoma. As one friend told me, “someone moved my cheese”.  Now I needed to learn how to cope.


Lily’s Last Sunset

Let me back up a little. In May, I quit my job and the next week learned that a little lump on Lily’s back leg was cancer.  The week I had off between my old job and my new job, which I had joyfully allotted to getting my old Jeep Grand Wagoneer painted, running and surfing, was now a series of vet appointments and a surgery to amputate her leg. Fortunately, my new job was working from home and significantly less travel. Which meant the next six months, we spent nearly every day together and for that I am immensely grateful.

Lily handled the transition as if nothing had changed.  Other than one random walk we went on about two weeks after the surgery where she stopped abruptly, looked back at her hip, where there once was a leg, looked up at me with a serious WTF look and then moved on.  I’ve noted that and have made every effort to treat my own curve balls with the same level of contemplative acceptance while quickly moving on.


Temporary Mode of Transport

It’s been about six weeks, I’ve tried to pack a ton of travel in and keep busy but I find myself lost. How do people without dogs start their days? I feel like I’ve lost my purpose and working from home without a pup is just plain lonely. I feel silly taking myself for walks and stalking the neighborhood dogs.  When my BF picked me up from the airport yesterday I was excited to see him but sadden because there wasn’t a wiggly butt to greet me.

I constantly scan Craigslist and Petfinder for that face that I just can’t say “no” to. Which is basically all of them, I am hoping to find a hypoallergenic “doodle-esque” mix (unsure if this is realistic). I am writing all of this to say, I’ve launched Chasing Strays so I can document our journey and maybe help others along the way.

~ happily,


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