Best Birthdays Ever

So today is my birthday.  Kind of a dull one, to be honest, it fell on a Monday and I just returned from Havana (stories to come) and I’m home.  Now home is San Diego and it’s literally perfect out but it’s just lacks some of the appeal of years past. Growing up in Virginia my mom would get a bushel of crabs and beer and we would crack crabs and drink beers on the deck. It was pretty awesome.


This was before I could have beer & crabs on my birthday. Lame.

Like last year… I flew to London for the Royal Ascot, we were in the Queen’s Enclosure (which is BALLER, you get to see the QUEEN OF ENGLAND) and it was awesome. But that was my Birthday Eve (yes, it’s a thing).  On my ACTUAL birthday, we had a private viewing of the changing of the guard from Wellington Barracks.  During the hour break (think they were at the other palace or something), our gracious host offers us wine, which leads to us dressing up in his uniforms and more wine and then he gives us a tour of his favorite pubs.  It was a great good day…and night.


The shoes are standard issue…

My 26th birthday, which was basically just a year or two ago… I was on deployment, we were on our way home from Iraq and we pulled into AUSTRALIA!!!! Which is pretty much the most perfect place to spend a birthday at any age, but especially in your 20’s and especially after having been in Iraq.  I wish I could expand but I pretty much only remember that it was the best birthday ever. I am not even sure where the pictures are but just trust me…

pretty girls

Palm Springs one year… YES….

Also, one year my bestie sent me a singing Lobster and one year she organized a pub crawl that was based on clues, so you had to FIGURE OUT WHICH PUB was next.  It was awesome.    Actually, my bestie is the reason I was invited to London so actually, I’m super grateful for such an awesome best friend!

bestie ascot

My Bestie & Me at the Royal Ascot

The sad part about today is it would have been my Grandma’s 98th birthday.  She passed a few years ago and I always miss her today.  Shout out to Grandma Lee.  I wish I drank Sherry I would have a glass for her tonight. But instead I’ll have a glass of wine.

bday girls

Some of my lovely girl squad.

But every year, I get together with my girls, have drinks (that water was because the real drinks had not arrived yet) and laughs and appreciate that I have another year to do whatever the hell I want and love every minute of it.  And I’ll Cheers to that!

~ happily,


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