Music City, U.S.A

Nashville didn’t start off quite how I would have liked.  To be fair, I wanted to stay in Memphis and listen to music and drink beer at the Beale Street Music Festival, not wait out a thunderstorm and run a hilly Half Marathon.  I realize you’re thinking, didn’t you sign up for it?


I also didn’t know I would be in Memphis during a music festival and also, I forgot about the humidity and the hills in Tennessee.

The good news is it was on a Saturday (kind of my jam, because then we can go have fun and sleep in/relax all day Sunday and then face the world refreshed on Monday).  The better news is, I was with my friend, Lori and we are pretty in sync when it comes to running, exploring, general outlook on life.  So after a lightning delay, we knocked it out so we could get on with our day!


We don’t even have to plan to match. 

First stop, 12South, a trendy neighborhood near Lori’s house that we had visited for dinner  (the Flipside, which was super good flatten fried chicken with whatever “fixin” you could imagine, oh and it was adorably trendy inside) the night before.  We hadn’t really fully taken advantage of all it had to offer since we had her munchkins with us and a race in the morning.  We started off at Urban Grub for Bloody Mary’s and literally some grub, oh and also, we witnessed a double dog birthday party. No, not a double dog dare birthday party, but a birthday party for two dogs. The guests were all in pink, there were balloons, dog cakes, bubbly and the bartender kicked off a bar-wide Happy Birthday to the pooches. Not gonna lie, it was a tad over the top, even for this dog-lady but it gave  a bunch of strangers at the bar something in common to chat about so we instantly had a half-dozen new friends.  Then mozied down to Draper James, Reese’s shop (Weatherspoon, keep up) which was adorable but not really my style.  I think I’m just a little too Southern California to rock that look, I guess you can take the Virginia out of the girl (unless the girl has too much bourbon and then you can at least hear it in her voice).

Jumped in an Uber and off to some Honky Tonks!!!  It seems a little like a mini-Vegas when you get down to Broadway and see them all lined up.  So we naturally picked the oldest, most low key of them all, that also happen to have a man singing that sounded like George Jones; so basically perfect, The Wheel (no website).  Everyone was friendly, the beer was ice cold and the music was fantastic.  We stayed until we were drunk enough for me to go next door and buy red cowboy boots (I heard this was a family tradition, I am unsure if this is true but I am not one to break tradition).


In case, you too need a pair of red cowboy boots. * they have other colors…

We decided we should hit at least one more, so off to Tequila Cowboy. A bit more touristy, mainstream but a ton of fun and great music.  We danced and sang and had a great time. So glad that race was on a Saturday because I’m going to need tomorrow to recover! We may have hit a few more but the details get blurry…


Might of had a crush on the one on the left…

Sunday was a nice hike, some time with the kiddos and an early flight back to San Diego. I love this city and am already thinking about my next trip, Dixie Chicks or some music festival in September…I really need a reason to wear my red cowboy boots!

~ happily,


2 thoughts on “Music City, U.S.A

  1. mtaggartwriter says:

    I visited Nashville while on a trip for work. I was drinking beer at one of the many pubs when I witnessed a young girl take the microphone and absolutely take the bar over. Her mother stood by and watched as her daughter’s angel like voice filled the room.

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