Kennebunk…back to Maine



Found myself in Maine again and running another marathon.  The Ship Yard Maine Coast Marathon, which is by far the smallest marathon I’ve ever run. Only 850 runners! I must admit I was terrified I would be last or running by myself.  Neither happened of course, but I did learn that running in Maine is not for the faint at heart.  Original forecast was rain, we were lucky to have a dry day but the wind was unbelievably strong and it was much too cold for me to enjoy the free Shipyard beer at the finish.  Keep in the mind, the locals were having no problem.  For such a small event, the race was run incredibly well and I would highly recommend it for anyone that likes a smaller race or maybe that’s trying to knock some states off their marathon list. I think I figured out that this was #8 for me. Some people take this pretty seriously, I really care more about the route and the course support than anything else.  This course included the Wedding Cake House  and Walker Point (the entire area is stunning).


Beautiful morning in Kennebunkport, ME

Now about the town!!! Love it. I didn’t get in until late, so it was straight to bed. I woke up early and went for a walk on Saturday morning and found a cute coffee shop that seemed to be a locals spot, Dock Square Coffee.  Within minutes I’ve made friends with a man that knew everyone in the coffee shop, Hans.  He was a retired Navy Seal and had lived in San Diego years ago. He gave me a list of places to see/try and his phone number in case I needed anything while in town. Love this guy.  So after walking around and doing a little shopping in the town. I headed off to Cape Porpoise to see the Goat Island Light House, which reminded me of the lighthouse from Moonrise Kingdom.  You really need a boat to see it well and it was the end of the day and off season so I was out of luck but I did get to see it and fought off the temptation to have drinks at the Ramp (which I will on my next trip).


Goat Island Light House

I headed back to Kennebunkport and had dinner at Salt & Honey,  after a recommendation from a local that has a photography gallery in town, he said the chef was amazing and to ignore the terrible building it was in. Glad I had a chat with him because the food was great and I would have never gone in if someone hadn’t recommended it!  It was off to bed early for me, I’ve gotta run in the morning. Discipline is a bitch.

The next morning I saw Hans and his wife in the morning cheering for us and of course said hi, excited to know a local!  After the race, we stopped in for snacks at H.B. Provisions (a very local spot, as they say, if they don’t have it, you don’t need it!) and then took long naps. I had made my way down Hans’ list of places the day before and really only had two left. We headed down to Hurricane’s for happy hour and who do we run into?!? Hans and his wife. I love this town. Of course, we join them for drinks and chat about travel, life in the military and food.  Hurricane’s was a beautiful restaurant, excellent service, fabulous martini’s and if we hadn’t had reservations at what was described as the best restaurant ever, we would have stayed for dinner!  Steak was on the brain so off we headed to On the Marsh. Of course, the maitre d, John, de knew Hans and took great care of us.  The food was excellent! But I think it was the ambiance and the company that just made it a spectacular evening.  There’s something about small towns, you walk in for coffee or a glass of wine on your own and run into everyone you know. I love that and continue to find myself wishing that San Diego was more like this. Or maybe I should move to Maine…

~ happily,


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