Just wandering around…

This week I made a quick trip to Minneapolis for work, this is only my second time visiting Minnesota and somehow both trips were in the winter.  Considering this time was a solid 70 degrees warmer, yes, it was -39 the last time I was there I couldn’t have been happier. I still wore significantly more clothing than the locals and pretty much shivered the entire time, but in my book, it was a win.

The sun didn’t really make an appearance but that didn’t stop the city from having a St Patty’s Day Parade, at 7PM!!! It’s windy and freezing and there are cheerleaders and floats. I found myself thinking, I love this city.  Let’s join the festivities and go for a pint! Of course, I had zero patience for the lines at the Irish pubs, so we went to a British one…I am not sure anyone cared, it was still packed.


In my short time there, I became a regular at The Butcher and the Boar, our bartender Kevin, was fantastic.  He’s headed to San Diego next month and I told him he must hit Bo Beau and if he has Peyton as his bartender to go ahead and order a Manhattan.  They are whiskey equals in my book.  It was exactly my kind of place, beautiful atmosphere, friendly patrons, amazing small plates and finely crafted drinks.

I only discovered Uptown because it was too windy and cold for me to run outside so I went to Orange Theory.  I feel like on my next trip, I will spend my free time there  as it was adorable.  Minneapolis, I’ll be back.  I feel if you can be this much fun in the last week of winter, you will be a blast in the summer!

~ happily,


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