When this is where you live, staying home isn’t so terrible. Sunset Cliffs, CA

It’s been almost a year since I’ve written.  My work world has been a chaotic mess, kind of in a good way as it turns out in the end, but it didn’t seem that way a year ago. Somehow in the midst of all of it, I did manage to fit in some amazing trips and with the help of my Moleskin travel notebook, I will be able to tell the stories.

This is the story of how I am no longer going to be MIA.  I had a rough start to the year, working 80-90 hour weeks.  I woke up recently and thought, OK, I am good with pushing through but I can’t lose site of the end goal: to not be a corporate slave my entire life. Put together a plan and execute.  You’ve got this.

And somehow it started to fall together this week.  A girlfriend said to me, plans for Christmas? Me: I could come visit you (she lives on the Gold Coast in Australia so a fairly decent option for the holidays) Her: let’s go somewhere (she’s kind of my adventure soulmate). CHRISTMAS MARKETS!!!! So we are now planning a German Christmas Adventure, maybe toss in some skiing in the Alps as well.  I am over the moon excited.


Yes, they make dog treats too.  One of my favorite places in OB.


Then I get a text message from another girlfriend of mine, when did you want to go to Cuba? Me: tomorrow? Her: want to be my assistant? Me: flights booked.  We’re not going tomorrow as there is a tad bit of planning involved but a 2016 goal was to get to Cuba and it’s shaping up to be a reality.  So instead of training for my marathon this morning, I’m sitting at Azucar, a Cuban Patisserie in my hood, doing a little research. Seems like a fantastic way to spend one’s time.

~ happily,


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