the way life should be


I am obsessed with Maine.  It started about two years ago, I went to Portland for work.

Woolwich, ME

Woolwich, ME

It was December and I drove from Boston in a blizzard and I still loved it.  I walked to my first meeting, in what I thought was a winter coat, a cream wool coat from Banana Republic.  I stopped at the light waiting to cross and a car drove by, through a puddle and my beautiful cream, “winter”, coat was now grey and soaking wet. I learned a valuable lesson that day.  Don’t wear white in the winter, it has nothing to do with fashion “rules”.

I realize I am not really selling you on Maine yet.  After my meeting, I walked down the street to find a local coffee shop to work, I stumbled into a fabulous little spot Bard Coffee. I go there at least once every time I’m in Portland. Downtown Portland is incredible, it’s walkable and cute, tons of restaurants and shops and just down the hill is the Port, which has some tourist trap restaurants and then it has J’s Oysters. J’s is where locals drink beer at noon on Tuesday.  Everyone knows each other and an outta towner in business attire stands out like a sore thumb.  Which really just means that they know to help you find a seat and make lunch recommendations. I love it there.

trail running

trail running

Recently, I had a craving for oysters and Sav Blanc so I checked out Eventide. I made friends with a woman who moved there from Southern California, her husband was a local and had just accepted a dare to eat a six year old oyster.  It was the largest oyster I had ever seen and quite possibly one of the more disgusting human feats.  What a fun group! Overtime I’ve made friends in Maine and even found myself at Sugarloaf last January and am going again next January. Also, there’s a great running trail along Casco Bay – little rolling hills and great site seeing, it’s just perfect.

I feel like Southern Maine and Southern California have a lot in common.  Not the weather.  The weather is not the same, at all, not even close. But the food, the lifestyle, the mountains, there’s great running and beaches. Old Orchard Beach is 7 miles of beach! There’s even surfing, I haven’t done it yet.  I’m terrified as the best surfing is in the winter, but it’s on the to-do list. I even toy with the idea of moving there.  Not forever, San Diego is my forever home but just for a little while so I can have a new adventure.  See new places.  I mean I need to go see the stars in the Acadia National Park!

I may have to create a Top 10 To-Do list for Maine.

~ happily,


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