Here I go again…

Third times a charm, right?  People say that, I think… I’ve tried this blogging thing a few times now.  The first one was for a failed business, an ironic one that I won’t get into now, my next was an attempt to be a story teller, lacked focus, I think…this one is about the one thing I’ve always been passionate about: seeing the world, never sitting still, taking full advantage of every opportunity.

Keep moving.  Stillness doesn’t look good on you, like “hangry” on a girl with low blood sugar. Give that girl a snickers and me a plane ticket.

FullSizeRender (1)

Two weeks ago I was in Austin, TX to run my 16th marathon with my lovely friend, Lori.  We’re shopping, drinking and talking about her new business, heylucyjane.  There must have been a hundred adorable shops there, my favorite this place called The Gypsy Wagon, that had an old beach cruiser in the window and this lovely sign on the wall.  I just thought to myself I love this place…moving on.IMG_4217

Fast forward to an incredibly hard run Tuesday morning and it hit me. I should write a kick-ass travel blog.  What are things that have been constant – my entire life?  Well when I was a kid i wanted to be like Indiana Jones or work for National Geographic, every decision I’ve made since then has been based on my ability to travel and not be tied to a desk.  To see things.  What?  Well anything and everything of course.

~ happily,


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